Emotional Awakening

What is Emotional Awakening?

Emotional Awakening is about becoming aware of and releasing conditioned patterns, beliefs and emotions that keep you reliving the same experiences and feelings over and over, even if the scenarios seem different.

Would you like to:-

  • Have peace of mind? 
  • Face your fears?
  • Align with uncomfortable feelings and emotions without being attached to them?
  • Perceive feelings and emotions differently?
  • Reach goals and/or be open to new possibilities?  

We learn at a very young age to be afraid of our feelings. We are never taught how to process our thoughts and feelings so we learn to avoid them. In the avoidance of them we set up conditioned patterns that keep playing out in our life, until we are willing to turn and face them and experience the feelings that keep them locked into place. If we look back on our lives, we find a repertoire of feelings that have been appearing throughout our lives, and continue, still, to repeat themselves due to our reluctance to experience them.

We all experience beliefs in the same way. There are many core beliefs that we believe are true about ourselves, about others and about life. These beliefs are what create our inner and outer conflict in life, and are what create the unease and uncomfortableness we experience, even at times when life seems to be unfolding smoothly. Unquestioned thoughts and beliefs keep us pigeon-holed into imaginary ideas of ourselves and of life, and keep us stuck in the past, fearing the future and never really enjoying the present.

Emotions and feelings are a fact of life and there is no controlling where or when they appear, or which ones appear or how intense they will be. However, you can learn to align with them, which is another way of saying that you can learn to allow and accept them, in order to experience them, and by doing so they pass on by without the usual clinginess.

It doesn’t matter what feelings appear, as the goal is not to permanently get rid of any of them so as to become totally emotionless, but to see that they are like visitors that simply come and go.  By aligning with them and experiencing them, then like visitors, they don’t overstay their welcome but go of their own accord. It is the resistance to experiencing our emotions that attaches us to the them. They become more intensified and remain for long periods of time becoming house guests instead of just visitors.

If we learn to befriend and allow the energy surge of our bodily sensations to move through our whole body, then we really come home to ourselves in a profoundly deeper way. 

How do you know you are stuck in emotions?

Emotional indicators include feelings, thoughts and emotions that keep repeating. They stick like glue, particularly in certain situations. The story that sets off the emotions continually loops, going round and round in your mind. Each time the story loops, it zaps you with the bodily sensations you want to avoid. So you struggle against these feelings and emotions which only makes you sink deeper into the quagmire of emotional quicksand.

Underlying pervasive feelings such as anxiety, loneliness, rejection, resentment, unworthiness, inadequacy, abandonment, fear or failure are all indicators that you are stuck in emotions. You might not be aware of the feeling in every moment, but it’s right there all the time just beneath the surface.

Ongoing and underlying emotions of fear, stress and anxiety that stop you from discovering new possibilities or stop you from doing what you want to do, are signals that you are living through your emotions.

Physical symptoms like aches and pains are also telltale signs that you are stuck in emotions. Often physical pain can be attributed to repressed emotions. Unresolved or suppressed feelings originating in previous situations get triggered and become locked in the body. If you continually suppress and resist feeling emotions, the energy of the emotions keeps building in the body and manifests as aches, pains and ailments. The body continues to be the repository for the same feelings even if they play out in different scenarios.

“I have come to the conclusion that human beings are born with an innate capacity to triumph over trauma. I believe not only that trauma is curable, but that the healing process can be a catalyst for profound awakening – a portal opening to emotional and genuine spiritual transformation.”    ~ Peter Levine

How it works

It is rarely the presenting story that is creating the feelings and emotions. The presenting story triggers suppressed feelings which point to there being an underlying story where it all really began. More often than not, it is not the story that is the issue.

It is through the revealing methodology of Emotional Awakening that change begins to occur as the actual underlying story becomes apparent and the emotional unraveling begins. As feelings and emotions that were not willingly experienced previously, are experienced now, the suppressed emotions are acknowledged and then released.  Directly experiencing a feeling is really not the realm of the mind. Once there is no resistance to a feeling then it transmutes. It is this ‘undoing’ of emotions that brings you freedom and peace of mind. One thing that is assured is that by the end of the session you will feel lighter emotionally and you will experience peace of mind.

After the session, over the coming days you may notice you no longer react to some thoughts and events. Or you may find that when the story or event appears again, the feelings are less intense or there are no feelings or emotions attached to the story at all anymore. You may find you are able to experience feelings more easily, or the anxiety you experienced about doing something is not as intense or has dissipated completely.  Everyone is different and has different experiences after each session.

What happens

My role is to facilitate and support you through the releasing of uncomfortable suppressed emotions and feelings which have been, and are being avoided. With the implementation of Emotional Awakening techniques, obstacles will fall away and you will begin to live life freely with new possibilities, goal attainment and more importantly – peace of mind.

Patterns, trauma, memories, pain and suffering are all stored in the subconscious mind. It is through working with the subconscious mind and not the logical mind that suppressed emotions are released. To this end, the work done with Emotional Awakening may not make any sense to the logical mind.

The work done goes deep as suppressed emotions are uncovered and experienced. If you have never allowed yourself to fully experience your feelings, then this process may seem intense, at first. Confusion, doubt and fear may also arise as releasing feelings feels unsafe, and, at times, there can be an unwillingness to allow or to move through these experiences. You might like to ask yourself, on a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the most willing), how ready and willing are you to do this before booking a session. You may wish to consider having a session starting with less intense feelings and ease in to more in depth exercises. Together, we can discuss the appropriate level of intensity for you, after which you will be supported by me as I take you gently through each emotion that appears and see you safely through to the other side – to peace.

“Healing means recontacting That which is already whole, beyond the healer and the healed – our true nature, simple and beautiful and ever-present.” ~ Jeff Foster

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