Kay founded Emotional Awakening with a clear vision to assist individuals to find freedom from emotional suffering as a means to experience peace of mind.

Although Kay is no longer a practising counsellor, she studied and obtained a Diploma of Traditional Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling (AIPC) and a Diploma of Holistic Counselling with the Awakening Group.

Over the past 20 plus years she has worked as a volunteer support worker and counsellor with places such as Drug-Arm Australia, Lifeline, Community Services and Youth Services.  She was the co-coordinator and co-founder of Community Bridges whose mission was to support and counsel inmates incarcerated for drug offenses, and to assist them to reintegrate into the community on release. The majority of inmates Kay counselled had emotional and anger issues.

In 2010 Kay founded Speakeasy Solutions, a counselling practice for individuals, couples and families. Kay also worked in collaboration with community based services that assisted children who were at risk by providing and facilitating Parenting workshops, Self Empowerment workshops, Bullying workshops, and counselling children and teenagers with emotional and anger issues.

It is through her own life experience that Kay started on the path to emotional awakening. Kay has been committed to her own self growth and extensive training, including Family Constellations, Emotional Freedom Technique, The Work of Byron Katie, Parent Effectiveness Training, Be Your Best – Personal Empowerment Training and ACT Therapy.

Since 2015, Kay has been and is still an administrator and guide with Liberation Unleashed (LU) which is a global movement dedicated to helping people to free their mind from the illusion of separate self.

Kay creates a safe place to gently take you and support you through feeling the emotions that you have been unwilling or unable to feel, that stop you from moving into the freedom of being, or stop you from discovering and living new possibilities within yourself, relationships and life. Emotions of anxiety, fear, stress, anger, grief, confusion and much more are addressed to transform issues standing in the way of emotional freedom and peace of mind.

Here’s what one client said:
“Kay’s approach is gentle, caring and leaves you in a peaceful place of oneness”

My Story

Due to my life’s experiences I became a seeker of Truth. I wanted to know who I was. My relationship with life was lived entirely through my emotions. I believed my thoughts about myself and my emotions defined who I was. My experience of daily life was a neverending roller coaster ride of deep confusion, insecurity, fear, physical agitation, anger and depression and not wanting to be here, so my life was one of constant suffering.

In 2004 I found rock bottom. The deep burning desire to change my life from one of perpetual suffering to one of peace of mind and freedom motivated a journey towards emotional and mental healing  which led to the advent of Emotional Awakening.

The journey included obtaining a Diploma of Counselling with the Australian Institute of Professional Counselling and a Diploma of Holistic Counselling with the Awakening Group. I also attended a plethora of self-help and professional development workshops which encompassed a variety of subject matter, from the alternative approach which addressed mind, body and soul as one, to the more traditional methods of healing. I experimented with a combination of alternative and traditional methodologies as a means of finding emotional freedom and peace of mind.

I am in my 50s now and I can honestly say I have peace of mind and emotional freedom as negative thoughts and emotions no longer control or influence my life or who I am. My life opened up to different possibilities as negative thoughts and emotions no longer dictated my life. They still continue to appear, but they no longer have the ‘stuckness’ they once had, and quickly pass on by leaving me to just simply be.