Awakening to Wholeness

What is Awakening to Wholeness?

Would you like to:-

  • Realise who you are beyond the limiting thoughts and beliefs about yourself?
  • Take the first steps to awaken to your wholeness?
  • Begin the end of suffering?

If you think the peace that you have from working on releasing suppressed emotions and patterns makes life easier, then imagine what it would feel like to awaken to your wholeness. 

Who are you?

You are not the limited self that you believe you are. Who you believe yourself to be is learned through conditioning from birth which moulds your emotions, ideals, thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and is then defined as ‘me’.

How you think of yourself and how you see the world and others is seen through these filtered perceptions, and these perceptions distort the reality of who you really are and how you see life. It is these distortions that create suffering as we battle what we consider to be our very own personal thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs and behaviours. And it is these perceived qualities that then define how we see ourselves and our life.

If you are open minded and willing to look, there is a way of experientially seeing whether or not you are what you think you are by looking to see if you are the author of ‘your’ thoughts,  if you were really the author of thoughts wouldn’t you make sure that only pleasant, happy, positive, kind and intelligent thoughts crossed your mind? Who, in their right mind would deliberately want to think unkind, fearful, painful and negative thoughts?

Freedom is the realisation that you are not contained, affected or limited by thoughts, emotions or life’s stories. Freedom is the realisation that who you think you are, is not who really are.

You are not your thoughts

Have you noticed how thoughts just pop up from nowhere?  Sometimes the darkest thoughts can arise during a peaceful experience, or the nicest ones during tragic events.  Did you actually want those thoughts to appear then? Did you create the thoughts, or did it simply appear?

And what about long held beliefs – things you feel strongly about and seem to be set in concrete?  Have you ever wondered where and how you came to believe in them and how some beliefs change? A belief is a thought, just a plain old thought that requires other thoughts to validate itself.  A belief is a thought for which there is no actual experiential evidence.

Uncovering the origin and nature of your thoughts and discovering how they impact your life, is the beginning of the end to suffering brought about by the false idea that you are the owner and author of ‘your’ thoughts, and is a big step forward to returning to your wholeness that you really are.

So how do you do it? How do you create a thought? How do you think?

I am not asking you to take my word for what I am saying, nor am I trying to convince you of anything. You can simply look for yourself. Try the following exercises and see if you can find the thinker/author of thoughts.

Thought exercise #1

Are you really in control of your thoughts?

Observe thought closely. Try to determine what your next thought is going to be before it appears. Can you do this? Aren’t you only aware of the thought as it appears? If this is the case, can you possibly claim to be in control of the thinking process? Can you claim to be controlling thoughts, choices or impulses that arise unless can you somehow instigate them beforehand?

Thought exercise #2

Do you really create your own thoughts?

Think of a 2 digit number.  Do you know why you chose that number – why not the next number or the previous one?  Repeat the experiment several times . If you really are the creator of your thoughts, then you should know how you created those particular numbers (thoughts) to think.

Thought exercise #3

Can you find the thinker of thoughts?

Simply sit quietly and pay close attention to your thoughts for 20 minutes. Notice that thoughts seem to pop out of nowhere and have no obvious cause. They are a total surprise and you can find no cause or reason for their appearance. Is it becoming more obvious now that you were not involved in any way with the creation of these thoughts?

If you are interested in going on a journey of gentle discovery to investigate the nature of your thoughts further as a step toward remembering your wholeness, I’d be happy to assist.  Experiencing the relief and freedom that comes from leaving suffering behind and knowing who you really are as opposed to who you think you are, is life changing. It may take 3 – 6 sessions or more to awaken to your wholeness. I invite you to book a session with me HERE.