How it works

  • Sessions are held via Skype Voice Chat 
  • A session can take up to an hour. Time taken depends on story variables, intensity of feelings and the willingness to experience emotions.  
  • Session prices include follow up emails
  • For bookings please use the contact page 
  • I reside in Australia, so there will be time zone differences that will need to be taken into consideration. Please include where you reside in the world and your time zone in your email with a brief description of what your presenting issue is.

Session Costs & Packages 

Although I offer single sessions, I recommend that you have 3 to 6 sessions as generally one session may not resolve the issue in its entirety.  The release of feelings and emotions happens in each session, however from experience, it is only the beginning as other emotions/stories/aches/pains will come to the surface to be acknowledged and released.

If you book a single session and find directly after this session that you would like to book a package instead, you are still eligible for the reduced rate for 3 or 6 sessions, which will also include the initial session.

  • Payment is made via PAYPAL ONLY in Australian dollars 
  • Please make payments in full when booking your sessions, or bookings will be cancelled without notice
  • Cancellation of scheduled appointments MUST be made 24 hours prior to your session. Fees may be incurred otherwise.

1 session =  $82.50 AUD

3 sessions = $235.00 AUD

6 sessions = $455.00 AUD

How to prepare for a session

Set aside an hour and a place where you have complete privacy, quiet and a comfortable place to sit. The session begins with a few deep breaths and a brief guided meditation to relax your mind and body.  Put aside any ideas that you think you know what is creating the issue and just be with an open mind. 

As the sessions are held via Skype Voice Chat, please ensure you are familiar with how to use Skype and that your equipment is ready including headphones if you are using them.  To ensure your appointment hour is not taken up with equipment malfunction, please test your equipment and turn your microphone on prior to the commencement of the session.

Please Note:-

Although suppressed feelings and emotions can manifest as physical aches, pains and ailments, there is no guarantee that they will dissipate during or after our session. If physical aches, pains and aliments do dissipate there is no guarantee that they will not return. Physical ailments that are caused through injuries or that are by-products of, or effects from other diseases may not change at all.

Please take the time to read our Disclaimer in full here.