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Honouring Emotions

Avoiding Emotions99% of us are quite happy when ‘positive’ emotions appear but push away and suppress emotions such as anger, fear, frustration, confusion, unworthiness, rejection, jealousy and sadness as if they are something that aren’t part and parcel of the whole.

We try and keep negative emotions at arm’s length and try to avoid anything (eg conflict, setting boundaries, saying no) that may trigger them. Emotions are feared because of our own and other peoples judgements about them. We don’t want to acknowledge and honour our emotions as being a part of us as somehow acknowledging them makes us less than the ideal person, and if we don’t live up to being the ideal person then we will be unlikeable, invisible, ostracised, rejected, unlovable and lonely. We also fear feeling our emotions fully just in case we somehow get stuck in the middle of them forever and ever and we don’t come out through to the other side and. We also fear that by feeling them fully in the body will be so overwhelming that it may even obliterate us.

By acknowledging and honouring your emotions you are honouring the totality of what and who you are. It is the continued rejection of ‘bits and pieces’ that you are adverse to that keep pain and suffering in play.