What clients are saying

If this review can help you make the right choice, I did something right!

My first encounter with Kay was through reading her threads on Liberation Unleashed. I remember being struck by the clarity, care and wholehearted guiding process she gave each client. What struck me most was the non BS straight talk, excellent pointers and genuine joy and love that was flowing out of that work. As I was making my first steps in guiding myself, I’ve had many interactions with Kay, asking for her opinion, advice and just discussing guiding and going on to deeper looking. But the reason I’m writing this review is to express my gratitude and sheer amazement at her kind heart, skill and knowledge. I made a pretty simple complaint about something that triggered me, and she took me on a road filled with twists and turns that revealed some unseen beliefs I was holding; pain I was hiding. What a ride! If this review can help you make the right choice, I did something right! Thank you Kay!

Ron. E (New York)

She guided me with love and compassion to confront emotions

Kay was recommended to me during a very difficult time in my life. I was struggling with my past which was hindering my present, I was in a very dark place. With warmth and comfort she helped me realise and understand how these issues had stemmed from my childhood. She guided me with love and compassion to confront emotions I didn’t even realise I was experiencing. Kay taught me methods in how to sit and nurture these feelings that I had suppressed and avoided for so long. Even after the sessions, Kay would contact me to see how I was and encourage me to discover more about myself and continues to do so. I am forever grateful for everything she gave me, even adapting to different time zones, purely because she cares so deeply for others. The day I first came in contact with Kay, I didn’t just gain a mentor, I gained a friend.

Rachael Louise (Cyprus)

Her very effective process resolved the fear and old emotions

I met Kay as an LU guide and was always very impressed about her clarity and a bit intimidated by what sounded like very straight talk. When I encountered strong fear on my path to awakening, and later a lot of old emotional issues resurfacing, I asked her for help. And it turned out that she was one of the most loving persons I know. Her very effective process resolved the fear and old emotions each in one session. Later, I used this process successfully for myself when more old emotions came up. I recommend Kay strongly for working through difficult feelings. She helps with clarity and love.

Christiane Michelberger (Germany)

… she delivers all of this with tons of warmth, humor and love

Kay is one of the single most helpful individuals I have ever encountered, amongst a slew of teachers, meditation instructors and therapists, mentors that I’ve worked with over the last decade. I’ve experienced big shifts in how I experience reality under her guidance, including a magnitude of emotional relief that I did not imagine was possible and am HUGELY grateful for. And somehow, she delivers all of this with tons of warmth, humor and love. Grateful to have her in my life.

BD (Texas/USA)

Kay has a way of making you feel very comfortable and at ease

Kay of Emotional Awakening has been an incredibly helpful facilitator. I have had the opportunity of working with Kay for several sessions, looking deeper at issues that I’ve carried for a very long time that have caused pain and suffering for most of my life.  From the very first session, Kay has a way of making you feel very comfortable and at ease.  She has a down to earth way of connecting, yet is extremely skilled and insightful as a facilitator, in knowing what guidance is needed, and seeing the source of pain. She has a kind and patient way, and has assisted me in seeing the truth in many painful experiences, and how my own perception of things is usually the key in how to find peace, and live without fear.  If you have any long standing fears, emotional issues,  or relationship difficulties I would highly recommend Kay at Emotional Awakening.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have found Kay!

Jen (Florida/USA)

Ease of being and self love.

The work we did has been so altering for me in my ease of being and self love.  I will be using you again soon, can’t wait.

Cindy (Texas/USA)

I hope one or more gets in touch.

I hope you don’t mind that I have shared how much value has come to me from your help with several friends. I hope one or more gets in touch.

David (Seattle/USA)

Since that call, life is different for me.

I was recommended to Kay by two friends who RAVED about how impactful Kay’s coaching was. I now know what they were talking about.

My call with Kay was about how I tend to make so many things “wrong” – my husband, my actions, others’ actions, the slow speed of service, the cars on the road – it goes on and on. At heart, my everyday peace of mind was being shattered by a gazillion “wrongs” going on around me.

Enter Kay. Who asked that I trust the first thoughts and answers that came to mind by her questions, regardless of how illogical they might seem. She asked when this started and – “when I was a baby” – popped into my head. I was shocked. And then memories of my mother telling me what a colicky baby I was and how she and my dad didn’t know what to do with me and how worried and embarrassed and upset they were. And then through a series of promptings by Kay, in which I continued to unravel the feelings and energies I had around all of this, I came to a place of peace.

Since that call, life is different for me. I am more peaceful. Life seems more enjoyable. I am not the same person who began that call with her.

I am in awe of Kay’s work and HIGHLY recommend her!

Carol Winkler (Texas, USA)

I feel like I can meet life head on and welcome it wholeheartedly.

Kay is so easy to connect with, and the depth and sensitivity she facilitates from made me feel that I was in good hands at all times and really well supported. Kay holds such a beautiful, safe space, and that allowed me to see deeper into what was making me feel stuck.

The sessions were always so insightful, and have given me a greater depth of understanding of the calm and safety that is always here. Experiencing how I can be comfortable with any emotion and seeing that underneath I am always perfectly fine has given me a great sense of freedom. I don’t need to resist or avoid difficult emotions or situations, but can meet them as they come. This has made way for much more peace and connection, I feel like I can meet life head on and welcome it wholeheartedly. Kay has guided me to resources and ways of being that are making my life so much more rewarding.

Jan Foskett (Tas, AU)

P.S. I forgot to mention that various aches and pains I had (sore shoulder and hip pain) have gone!  Just a bonus!

I also started sleeping the night through!!  Hallelujah!! 

I have had two sessions with Kay and I have had remarkable results.  She first worked with me on my issue with acid reflux.  I was having extreme pain and anxiety after meals.  I had been taking Nexium for almost a year and was using hot showers, Apple Cider Vinegar, Pepsid Complete, papaya enzymes and CBD oil–whatever I could think of–to stop the pain after lunch and dinner and during the night, sometimes unsuccessfully. As you can imagine, I was losing a lot of sleep.

When I called Kay for the first session, I wasn’t in any pain at all (which was unusual).  So I worked with her on what an attack would usually feel like.  In that process, I forgot that I would also have horrible pain across my back during an attack.  After the first session most of the pain disappeared or the attacks happened much less frequently.  The back pain was still pretty intense.  We did a second session and worked on the back pain.  The attacks were then much less in frequency and duration and not nearly as painful–the back pain disappeared completely!

I had done quite a bit of hypnosis work back in February on my weight issues and I had gotten completely off sugar!  I began to slowly lose weight as a result of this, but had reached a plateau mid-year and had not lost any weight in several months.  The other thing we worked on with hypnosis was having me stop eating when I was full.  This piece was not as successful and I continued stuffing myself and I really think this was contributing to the acid reflux attacks.

The good news is that over the Christmas holidays (and after my work with Kay), this piece kicked in and I was able to stop eating when I was full.  I started losing weight again and the acid reflux attacks were almost nonexistent or very easily handled with a little Apple Cider Vinegar!  I also started sleeping the night through!!  Hallelujah!!  This is the first Christmas in many, many years that I LOST weight instead of gaining!!  I am so thrilled with that and so grateful.  And I am thrilled that I’ve gotten such great results from the work I’ve done with Kay.  She is truly a blessing!!

Pat Anderson (Texas, USA)

The pain which had plagued me for so many years is simply gone!

After the successful session I had with Kay that cleared my stage fright when playing the piano in front of others, I decided to schedule a session to address the intense, burning pain just under my left scapula that had been there for as long as I can recall.

I have a very pronounced case of scoliosis with lots of pain and have tried too numerous a variety of treatments and practices to count. Several people had suggested to me that there might be an emotional component to the pain and, while I considered that plausible, never had found any inroad to addressing that aspect of it — and, believe me, I had tried!

During the session, I was surprised that a specific incident and time came up for me when Kay asked about the start of the issue; I was also surprised at all the emotions that came up relative to the pain. These surprises were nothing compared to my total astonishment when the pain completely disappeared by the end of the process.

I continue to be amazed by the fact that the pain which had plagued me for so many years is simply gone! Thank you, Kay!

P.S. I’ve had several more sessions since I wrote this. Every one was successful and I have scheduled more!

Robyn Jamison (Texas, USA)

Kays approach is gentle, caring and she leaves you in a peaceful place of oneness.

After many years of seeking answers to understand why I struggled with inner conflicts, I met Kay. Through several guided Emotional Awakening sessions with Kay, I was able to get to the source of my suppressed issues. Painful issues I previously avoided. These sessions helped me to allow the flow of what had been suppressed to surface gracefully and then to release the suppressed emotions fully, which I am very grateful to have experienced. Kays approach is gentle, caring and she leaves you in a peaceful place of oneness.

Yes, a shift occurred as once the protection I had subconsciously put in place through fear about the story were seen and acknowledged and no longer ignored, I was able to look upon the presenting story without all the emotions that previously consumed me.

After each session a wave of calmness came over me, and on occasion emotions arose after but were not as intense. I felt that by going into the pain – what was previously avoided – and feeling it, describing it, understanding it, being with it and allowing the emotions to flow through, gave me relief not before experienced

Natasha Walker (Sydney, AU)

No fear, no nervousness, no concern. It was as if the issue had never existed

I had the most god-awful stage fright when it came to playing piano while anyone listened. This issue has plagued me since I was a child. I perform dance in front of audiences, jam on my mandolin with friends and strangers alike, have led seminars and events to hundreds of people. But whenever I tried to play the piano in front of anyone, my fingers would become unresponsive, my brain would become addled and my eyes would look at the sheet music and the piano keys and the information would fail to register.

Believe it or not, I have managed to skirt this issue by simply not playing for people. I probably would have gone along that way forever if it weren’t for my jazz piano lessons, which I began taking about a year ago. I have had a very difficult time playing in front of my teacher; he suggested therapy. Therapy didn’t resonate with me. A friend suggested hypnosis, but I’d already tried it.

So, I scheduled a session with Kay. The space Kay created for the deep work we did was one of love, acceptance and total safety. By the end of the session all of the trepidation associated with the imagined experience of playing piano in front of people was gone. That was encouraging, but the true test, of course, was actually playing for someone! The following day, I had the opportunity to practice my jazz lesson while my husband listened. No fear, no nervousness, no concern. It was as if the issue had never existed except as a memory – and the memory was a distant one without any emotional baggage whatsoever.

I had a piano lesson today and was completely at ease playing for my teacher. I made mistakes yet they didn’t cause me to become upset or flustered — I’m a student, after all. It was complete freedom. Here’s the great thing — it didn’t even seem like a big deal because it seemed so natural to be free.

Thank you, Kay! I consider the work you did with me nothing short of miraculous!

Robyn Jamison (Texas, USA)